Tick Tock


Time is a strange thing. Sometime’s time seems to stretch on as you wait in a hospital for the night to pass, or for the scan results that will decide your future as a family. Sometime’s time seems to run away from you, as you try to fit work around hospital visits, or try to create and enjoy each precious moment you have left.

Since my first post, things have progressed very quickly. I have met streams of doctors, argued with nurses, cried with friends, and become one of the hospital’s cafe most loyal customers. I have spent the night in hospital and watched as my mum bounced between sleeping peacefully and contorting painfully as if fighting off some invisible attacker.

Please bear with me in the next few post as I attempt to catch you up on the past week and the beautiful people who have walked with me through it.

For now, I’m going to spend the next few hours eating Ben and Jerry’s, watching Mamma Mia and enjoying this precious moment with my Mum.


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